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Monday, July 23, 2012

The Browning Buck Mark URX.

Every once in a while, I stumble on to an air rifle or air pistol that simply surprises me, and recently the good folks at UmarexUSA sent me an air pistol that does indeed astonish me: the Browning Buck Mark URX.

The Buck Mark URX is a break-barrel, spring-piston, .177 caliber air pistol that looks like the powder burning Buck Mark URX offered by Browning. The Buck Mark air pistol stretches just one foot from end to end and weighs 1 lb. 12 oz.

The Buck Mark URX is made of plastic and metal and nicely finished in matte black. At the aft you’ll find a false “slide” is made of metal, while the pistol grip below it is a very comfortable ambidextrous black polymer with molded-in finger indentations. At the juncture of the pistol grip and the trigger guard there is an inoperable button safety, molded in to look like the firearm. A black trigger guard surrounds a black non-adjustable trigger.

Forward of the trigger guard is the barrel which is black polymer molded around an inner metal barrel. The cocking linkage is just barely visible below the barrel. At the end of the barrel is a black blade type front sight. Moving back along the barrel, the top of the receiver has a Picatinny rail suitable for mounting a red dot. At the aft end of the Picatinny rail is a notch type rear sight that is adjustable for windage and elevation. The only other feature of consequence is a lever-type safety on the left side of the receiver just above the pistol grip.

The Buck Mark URX cocked and ready for loading.

To ready the Buck Mark URX for shooting, grasp the end of the barrel and pull it down and back until it latches. This requires just under 20 lbs. of effort, breaks open the breech for loading, and activates the automatic safety. Insert a .177 pellet into the breech and return the barrel to its original position. Take aim, flick off the safety, and squeeze the trigger.

There appears to be just one stage to the trigger and at about 6 lbs of pressure, the shot goes off. Frankly, I was surprised at the reading on my Lyman digital trigger gauge, because the trigger pull doesn’t feel that hard to me. It feels more like 4 lbs., and I had no problem shooting with it.

Now, here’s the surprising part: the Buck Mark URX is, hands-down, the wimpiest spring pistol air pistol I have ever shot. It launched 7 grain RWS Hobby pellets through my Oehler chronograph at an average of 333 fps. That works out to 1.72 foot-pounds of energy. Put another way, it’s not powerful enough to punch a hole in a soup can at 7 yards. This is not an air pistol that you would want to hunt anything with, except possible hornets or other insects.

Having said that, shooting the Buck Mark URX is a blast. At ten yards, I put five pellets into a group that measured 1.25 inches from edge to edge. This is the perfect air pistol for plinking, for knocking soda cans off a fence rail, for blasting a dollar store bag of plastic dinosaurs in front of cardboard box, or for assassinating animal crackers. It’s easy to cock, the recoil is manageable, and report is surprisingly quiet.

If you’re looking for a fun, easy-to-shoot pistol for pure plinking fun, I can highly recommend the Buck Mark URX.

Til next time, aim true and shoot straight.

–          Jock Elliott


  1. Paul Butler says:

    There’s a daily airgun blog that recently posted part 1 of a review of the same pistol. That blog claimed it’s a Weaver base. You can’t both be right, so I suggest you double check that fact.


    1. Jock Elliott says:


      I checked with UmarexUSA, and I stand corrected; it’s a Weaver rail. Thanks for pointing that out.

  2. Jynx95 says:

    I can not disagree that it’s underpowered. But, what is most impressive about this gun, compared to other spring pistols. Is that it’s insanely quiet. It will do the job on some smaller birds and squirrels at close range. Just not as effective as one would like. With that said, overall, it’s an amazingly fun little pistol to get and plink with. You won’t bother your neighbors at all with it, that’s for sure. (Not unless they see you anyways.) It’s a good way to stay on top of your aiming game is practice. And this pistol is definitely the way to do it.

    1. Jock Elliott says:


      Thanks for your comments.

  3. Frank says:

    I just ordered one of these pistols to use to target practice and plinking. Both of which won’t require a lot of power nor would you want a lot of power for indoor shooting at targets with a proper pellet trap. If you want a hunting air pistol there are plenty of others on the market to choose from and a higher price but for the money you can’t beat this gun for something to just have fun with.
    Also, that button by the trigger guard isn’t a safety, it’s the magazine release on the real Buckmark. Just wanted to point that out to ya’. Anyway, can’t wait to get my Browning Buckmark URX air pistol and get out into the back yard for some fun plinking.

  4. Gene Hubert says:

    I have a powder burner and when I saw the replica, I just had to have it. And I am glad I got it! The weight is a little off and of course it doesn’t fire same, but when you shoot it, it holds and aims the same.

    My wife and I enjoy practicing with this in the garage in the evening. However, the power is down when we move to the outdoor range we have. No worries, we have other pellet pistols and rifles that fill that void well. No we would not hunt with it either. It is what it is… A real fun indoor shooter that just nails plastic figures and puts groups down as well as our hunters and target guns we use outdoors!

    Five star indoor shooter!

  5. Gerard Smith says:

    I just bought on. Loads of fun..I love it. Also rrr8 fo introducing my eldest son to “pellet guns”. I own several makes of rifle pellet gun, this is gonna be good for those rainy days in the garage,etc.

  6. Sheamus says:

    Just bought my very gun-savvy 38 year old son one of these for his birthday. He mounted a red-dot on it and hasn’t wanted to put it down. At 15 yards we were breaking Pez candies with it nearly every shot! No sound, very good trigger, and a good “feel” (also, as noted, no power for anything much past 15 yards). I own dozens of pistols but just informed my wife that when my kids ask for Father’s day ideas this goes at the top of the list. (also, with the “shortage” of .22’s at least you can still get pellets.)

    1. Jock Elliott says:


      Thanks for your comments. I guess we’ll have to put Pez on the endangered list now!

  7. greg says:

    I also have the Browning Buck Mark URX .177 and I had hoped the 360 fps rating on the packaging was with 7grain lead pellets, but it was instead basic on muzzle velocity with much lighter platinum pellets …however it still shoots over 300fps with Crosman pointed premiers 7.something grain and that’s OK.
    I love a spring piston and for $100 I was an easy sell.
    I wonder if it can be upgraded with a slightly stronger spring so it might shoot 400+ fps?
    I like mounting my Walther green dot sight and shooting at targets, and the open sights are perfectly useful.

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